Originally designed in Sydney by experienced yachtsman Jack Christoffersen, Hydralign props have been improving yacht performance for more than 30 years. 

Under power, Hydralign props present more blade area to the water, yet feather automatically into a minimal drag configuration for superior sailing performance. With fewer working parts, Hydralign props maximise yacht performance with more efficient use of engine power and positive incremental pitch adjustment to get the most out of your yacht.

Since Jack's original design we have tightened component tolarencing, and employed investment cast components made in tougher duplex stainless steel to create a more robust and efficient propeller.

Proudly Australian made, Hydralign is a trusted, efficient and robust self feathering yacht propeller. Featured on Sydney’s best yachts, including Sydney to Hobart 2015 leaders, Wild Rose (winner overall), Love and War, and Maluka. 

Propellers can be supplied taper or pilot bored so a local shop can undertake the fitting if preferred.




Sail Drive Shaft Drive Aperture
2 blade junior 3 blade junior Aperture A 3 Blade


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One of the most important features of a Hydralign Prop is that it feathers automatically with the forward momentum of the boat. Once feathered, it provides the least possible drag (similar to a folding prop) improving the boat's sailing speed by an average of 15% above a conventional fixed blade propeller.

Going forward: a Hydralign Prop will offer 96% of the efficiency of a fixed blade propeller of the same diameter and pitch. The 4% loss in power can usually be eliminated by precisely matching the pitch of the Hydralign Prop to fit the boat engine combination. In reverse: the Hydralign Prop provides 80% more power than a comparable fixed blade propeller. The Hydralign Prop utilizes the same leading edge in forward as it does in reverse giving the propeller the same efficiency in both directions, whereas on a fixed blade propeller in reverse the trailing edge becomes the leading edge therefore reducing its power.

The Hydralign Prop uses a "differential" type design so that the blades cannot fail to open in forward or reverse. This positive system eliminates the problem associated with a folding propeller and its use of centrifugal force to open the blades.

The pitch setting on all Hydralign Prop models can be adjusted. Changing the pitch is very simple; it is done by changing the setting of the gear inside the propeller. The ability to adjust the pitch will help achieve the maximum efficiency from the engine without having to purchase a new propeller.

The Hydralign Prop will fit directly onto your existing shaft when the boat is hauled for installation. The Hydralign Prop will be matched to your specific shaft taper or SailDrive Spline. The only required maintenance is to grease the propeller once a year, and to replace anodes when they erode away.

The two or the three blade Hydralign Prop is the propeller of choice for the cruising sailor. The combination of low drag, increased speed under sail, outstanding backing power, safety and maneuvering makes the Hydralign Prop the ideal cruising propeller.