Two Blade Senior

JBC Engineering

Designed for on and off mooring motoring, the Senior Two Blade offers low drag with great thrust. Blades can be locked in a vertical position to minismise drag where the propeller shaft exists the hull. As with all two blade props, this senior model has a greater potential for vibration than its three bladed counterparts. 

Senior Props are also available as sail drive units. Please specify if you require a sail drive hub when ordering.

  • Designed to get boats reacting positively, both forward and astern
  • More blade area to water than other designs means more efficient use of engine power
  • Feathers to minimal drag configuration under sail
  • Equal thrust in forward and reverse gears
  • Tougher construction with fewer moving parts
  • Positive incremental pitch adjustment
  • Fitted with zinc anodes as standard
  • Australian made for 26 years


Diameter Range: 16” to 24”

Shaft Range: 1¼" to 1½"

Sail Drive Option Available


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