Three Blade Aperture 'B' (APB)

JBC Engineering

Like the APA Model, the Aperture B offers the increased performance of a larger diameter propeller but with the convenience of a small hub which can be fitted to more yachts.

Designed for larger cruising yachts, the first APB model was fitted in late 1992 and has been a cornerstone in Hydralign’s production ever since. To date, we have only recently replaced APB Model after more than twenty years of service, and it was still funcitonning! A sturdy prop with great performance.


The prop can be counter bored for nut to suit a shorter taper if required.

Can be set up for right hand or left hand rotation

  • Designed to get boats reacting positively, both forward and astern
  • More blade area to water than other designs means more efficient use of engine power
  • Feathers to minimal drag configuration under sail
  • Equal thrust in forward and reverse gears
  • Tougher construction with fewer moving parts
  • Positive incremental pitch adjustment
  • Fitted with zinc anodes as standard
  • Australian made for 26 years


Diameter Range: 18” to 25”

Shaft Range: 1¼" to 1¾"

Hub Length: 120mm, or 165mm with anode

Sail Drive Option Available



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