Four Blade

JBC Engineering

The Four Blade model was reinvented in 2014, with the addition of SAF gearing and hub to create smaller diameters, slower blade tip speed and in turn a smoother drive. The first prop installed, Prosail’s Hammer, has now clocked up more than 4,000 hours and is still going strong. Serviceable on a 160hp engine this is a great prop for those looking for that something extra.

Can be set up for right hand or left hand rotation.

Can be supplied taper or pilot bored so a local shop can undertake the fitting if preferred. 

  • Designed to get boats reacting positively, both forward and astern
  • More blade area to water than other designs means more efficient use of engine power
  • Feathers to minimal drag configuration under sail
  • Equal thrust in forward and reverse gears
  • Tougher construction with fewer moving parts
  • Positive incremental pitch adjustment
  • Fitted with zinc anodes as standard
  • Australian made for 26 years


Diameter Range: 16” to 24”

Shaft Range: 1” to 1 1/2" TBC

Sail Drive Option Available



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