About Hydralign

Hydralign propellers present more blade surface to the water, and feather automatically for minimal drag when sailing. With outstanding reverse power and powerful forward thrust, our props maximise your yacht performance. Investment cast components make for a tougher prop and incremental pitch adjustment helps you get more out of your yacht.

With smaller apertures, we can fit where others can’t, so fill out your boat specs for a quick, easy and spam free quote or shop our full range here.

Hydralign Feathering Propellers are used on some of Australia's best yachts, including 2015 Sydney to Hobart Leaders Wild Rose (winner overall), Love and War & Maluka.

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The Hydralign propeller is feathered by simply stopping shaft rotation. The method will vary depending on the type of gearbox in use.

For hydraulic gearbox : Stop the engine with the clutch engaged. 

For mechanical gearbox : Engage the gear lever after stopping the motor while moving forward under sail.

Shifting to forward or reverse gear with the engine running automatically re-sets the blade pitch for drive.